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Shareaholic for Firefox 1.9

Autor: The Shareaholic Team
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2.0 - 3.7a1pre
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Eingestellt: 19.11.2009
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Shareaholic for Firefox 1.9

Shareaholic is a lightweight and easy to use add-on for Firefox with a minimal browser footprint. Shareaholic makes it very simple to quickly, and very easily share, bookmark, and e-mail any web page via a wide array of your favorite web 2.0 social networking, bookmarking, blogging, and e-mail services.


Shareholic is the Grand Prize Winner of Mozilla's own Extend Firefox contest! Judged based on excellence in user experience, innovativeness, technical correctness, and use of open standards. You're in safe hands with Shareaholic :)


Make Shareaholic work the way you want, it's 100% customizable. If you don't like any of the features, you can disable them by going to: Tools -> Shareaholic

We currently support over 60 services with weekly updates and additions. A sample of supported services:

* Amazon Wishlist, AttentionMeter
*, Blogspot, Blogger, Buzzster!, BzzAgent Bzzscapes
* Connotea
* Delicious, Diigo, Diigolet, Digg, DiggBar
* Evernote
* Foxiewire, Friendfeed,
* Google Bookmarks, Google Notebook, Google Reader, Google Mail
* Healthranker,
*, Instapaper,
* Kaboodle
* LinkedIn, Windows Live, Hotmail, LiveJournal
* Meneame, Mixx, MySpace, Mozillaca
* Netvibes
* Plurk, Posterous,
* Reddit
* Simpy,, Sphinn, Stumbleupon, Streakr, Smaknews,,
* Techmeme Tips, Tipjoy, TinyURL, Tipd,, Truemors, Tumblr, Twine, Twitter, Twitthat, Tweetie, TBuzz
* Weheartit, Wordpress
* Yahoo Buzz, Y Combinator YC Hacker News

Shareaholic also alerts you to how popular the page you're on based the number of times the web page has been dugg and saved to delicious.


"As a certified social networking and link-sharing addict, Shareaholic has become my favorite new enabler!"
-- Veronica Belmont, co-host of Revision3’s tech-centric show, Tekzilla

"Makes it very easy to submit a web page to all your favorite bookmarking sites."
-- Mashable!

"By far, this is one of the best add-ons to get your hands on if you are a social network junkie."

"One of my favorite tools for a while now :) It rocks."
-- Leslie Poston, Co-Author of the book "Twitter For Dummies"

If you found this extension helpful, please write a review! (It would mean a lot to us :) )

Works with Windows, Mac and Linux.
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Shareaholic for Firefox 1.9

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